Index of Posts


8/18/20 – Obscenity – Some thoughts on Dave Chapelle’s video commentary on the murder of George Floyd.

7/13/20 – AI and Consciousness – A brief look at AI and the idea of machine consciousness

6/20/20 – Forgiveness – A followup on the post below, Love and Betrayal.

6/16/20 – All and Nothing – Some throughts on Richard Grossinger’s latest book, Bottoming Out the Universe, Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing.

1/22/2020 – Love and Betrayal –  Reflections on James Hillman’s essay, Betrayal.


12/26/2019 – Capricorn New Moon, Solar eclipse – Some thoughts about the eclipse, suffering Saturn’s plea to surrender.

12/24/2019 – Holy Birthings – Christmas meditations.

12/7/2019 –  The Suffering of Time – Can we reconcile this mortal life with desires for what is eternal?

11/30/2019 – I and Thou A love poem

10/13/2019 – Divination Some thoughts on divination

7/22/2019 – Sacred Order and Restless Saturn Saturn, order, fate in astrology

7/14/2019 – Meditations on Astrology – Some initial thoughts on the study of astrology.

2/10/2019 – Story and Fate – A reflection on the relationship between story, character the possible vision that the sense of fate provides for moving beyond the known.

1/1/2019 – Soul Possession – Some thoughts on the language and influence of money.


12/24/2018 – Zeus and Hera: Images of a Divine Syzygy – A look at the relationship between Zeus and Hera and a comparison to modern excess.

12/2/2018 – Wholeness, Fragmentation and Dionysus – The falling apart of  David Bohm’s implicate order, fragmentation and the loosening of Dionysus as a current cultural phenomena necessary; breakdown as breakthrough.

10/6/2018 – Beyond Nature – Have humans moved beyond nature? Are masculine and feminine powers, by their nature a tandem or syzygy?

9/8/2018 – Reblog – Paul DeFatta’s take on Jim Morrison and Dionysus: [jim-morrison-dionysus-and-some-criticisms-of-monotheism]

9/2/2018 – Love and Beauty – A look at Jeffrey Kripal’s book, Secret Body, Erotic and Esoteric Currents in the History of Religions,

2/22/18 – Sentience and Sensibility – Will AI become conscious? A guest blog post on Barbara Franken’s blog.


12/25/17 – Under the Map – A poem offering by, William Stafford.

12/8/17 – Functional Reality – A discussion of consciousness studies based on Richard Grossinger’s book, Dark Pool of Light, Vol. I.

5/20/17 – Consensus – A look at a modern mythology traumatized by the past and enamored with the ideas of reality, fact and truth.


12/17/16 – Untamed Speech – The value of speech in a culture that fears the dark shadows. Inspired by an essay from James Hillman’s, Philosophical Intimations.

8/21/2016 – Animalizing – Pondering our human place among the animal kingdom.

8/15/2016 – Pathemata – The bridge to universals.

7/23/16 – Under the Influence – Technology in the driver’s seat.

6/11/16 – Secret Agent Man – Identity and the necessity of private experience.


9/12/2015 – Syzygy – Exploring the idea that pairs can be something other than opposites through the writings of Jung and Hillman.

8/15/2015 – “I” is an Aggregate – The idea that we are all an ongoing stream of accumulative notions and bound by the habits of our thought.

7/5/2015 – Personification – Anima as generative of agency and relationship.

7/3/2015 – Anima, Soul, Psyche – More thoughts on Jung and Hillman and anima as archetype.

6/20/2015 – Anima Rising – A look at C.G. Jung’s idea of anima through the lens of James Hillman.

6/7/2015 – Divine – A brief look at Giambattista Vico’s classic book New Science.

5/24/2015 – Polyphony – Review of Robert Bringhurst’s book, Everywhere Being is Dancing.

4/26/2015 – Imaginal Love – Review of Tom Cheetham’s latest book.

2/8/2015 – “My Soul is Dark” by Lord Byron

2/1/2015 – Alchemy Class Notes – Session Twelve – An overview of alchemical psychology inspired by the Jung Platform’s course.

1/25/2015 – Crazy – A review of Dick Russell’s book about his relationship and ongoing reconciliation with his son.

1/24/2015 – Feyerabend and the Transition to the Dream State – A reblog of Don DeGracia’s post from his blog, Plane Talk.

1/17/2015 – Taxi – A tribute to singer, songwriter Harry Chapin.

1/10/2015 – Alchemy Class Notes – Session Eleven – Notes on the first class on James Hillman’s book Alchemical Psychology. A look at the suffering of salt.

1/4/2015 – Alone with the Alone’: Henry Corbin and Visionary Experience – A reblog from Conversations with Don Machinga, exploring Ayahuasca and Henry Corbin.


12/28/2014 – After Life – A tribute to my mother and her gifts to me.

12/24/2014 – The Holy Birthing 2014 – Repost with revisions on Christmas and renewal.

12/20/2014 – Dreaming With Lemurs – Can there be a dream tribe among internet dreamers? …Who are the lemurs?

12/14/2014 – The Edge of the Universe – A look at RIchard Grossinger’s book, Dark Pool of Light.

12/8/2014 – The Green Man – Exploration of an archetypal presence through Active Imagination.

11/30/2014 – Expression – Part Two of my reflections on Kripal’s book. See below…

11/23/2014 – Sacred Transgressions – Reflections on Jeffrey Kripal’s book, Authors of the Impossible, in which I entertain a cosmology and a metaphysic.

11/16/2014 – Dream Tribes – Some reflections on dream consciousness in anticipation of participating in a Dream Group retreat.

11/9/2014 – Wild Child – Some thoughts on eco-psychology and the modern human dilemma.

11/2/2014 – Revolution – A story about shifting the idea of revolution and the beauty of things as they are.

11/1/2014 – I-Me-Mine – The “I” that possesses, is the “I” possessed. If not from ourselves, where then, do ideas come from?

10/26/2014 – The Unseen I – Some thoughts on the slippery nature of self and other…

10/25/2014 – Say Yes Quickly – A brief mention of Coleman Barks and his translation of Rumi’s poem.

10/19/2014 – Dreamland – Contemplating the gift of dream states.

10/12/2014 – Character – What is the force that gives us our unique disposition and shapes our lives in a polished image?

9/28/2014 – Crystal Blue Persuasion – Further excursions into the tempering of Necessity with Athenian persuasion.

9/21/2014 – Primordial Necessity – From polytheism to monotheism, Ananke, as unseen force, necessitates the changes creating our world.

9/13/2014 – In the Beginning – A look at language, chaos, order as the bridge to liminal states.

9/7/2014 – and in the end – contemplating endings as ideas and their influence on us.

8/30/2014 – Stranger Than Fiction– A look at liminal states, Hermes, the Green Man in the border country of psyche.

8/10/2014 – The Next Chapter – An expansion on the ideas of fiction, personification and character.

7/20/2014 – The Story So Far – A look at James Hillman’s book, Healing Fiction and the idea of living through story, the plots, characters and fictions that make us.

7/11/2014 – Alchemy Class Notes – Session Ten – The last session of the Winter, 2014 semester of the Jung Platform’s ALchemical Psychology class. This one on salt.

7/6/2014 – Entanglement – Exploring the question of being both a particle and a wave.

7/6/2014 – Happy Fourth on the Fifth – A brief celebration of my 4th anniversary of blogging.

6/22/2014 – Class Notes – Session Nine – Psychological faith, ovens and stoves, the spirit of the fire.

6/15/2014 – Let There Be Dark – The value of darkness, dreams and images for finding embodiment in a 24/7 world.

6/14/2014 – Gem Moon Magic: Explorations of the Gemini Moon – A collaberative effort of image, poem and intuitions on Gemini moon in our natal chart.

6/8/2014 – When Science Dreams  – Andrea Rock’s book, The Mind at Night, provides an understanding of how science views dreaming.

5/31/2014 – Soul Making – Growing up or growing down, the tree provides an image to contemplate

5/25/2014 – Class Notes – Session Eight – Notes on Session EIght, glass vessels, the Bain Marie, the Pelican.

5/18/2014 – Class Notes – Session Seven – Notes on session seven of the Alchemical Psychology class

5/11/2014 – My Native Language is Image – Some thoughts on dreams, the dayworld and underworld perspectives.

4/11/2014 – Class Notes – Session Six – Notes on the sixth session of the class on James Hillman’s book, Alchemical Psychology.

4/5/2014 – Oh Noah where art thou? – Movie review of Darren Aronofsky’s, Noah with a discussion of historical thinking and the preference for literal thinking over metaphorical, symbolic thinking.

3/30/2014 – Break On Through – More notes on Norman O Brown’s book, Love’s Body, and the human tendency towards splitting and duality of psyche and soma.

3/22/2014 – somewhere down the river – A reblog from Steve, one heck of a writer who is one of my regular stops on WordPress

3/16/2014 – The Final Lap – A tribute to my step-dad, James Kean, at the event of his passing.

3/14/2014 – Alchemical Psychology: Why does it matter? – a reblog of a post written by Blogger Margaret Mikkelborg.

3/10/2014 – The Layers – Stanley Kunitz’ moving poem about the journey of living.

3/9/2014 – Class Notes – Session Four – Notes on the fourth session of the class on Alchemical Psychology. Brooding, ashes, calcination, innocence, and qualities of heat.

3/2/2014 – Life Against Death – Part II – Part two of a look at Norman O. Brown’s book on Freud and the mind/body split.

2/23/2014 – Visions of Johanna – An Alchemical View – Looking into Bob Dylan’s lyrics for some alchemy.

2/16/2014 – Class Notes – Session Three – Notes on the third session of the class on Alchemical Psychology.

2/8/2014 – Life Against Death – Norman O. Brown’s book which uses Freud as a basepoint to show that our split between body and mind will either destroy us or save us.

2/2/2014 – Becoming the Vessel – Some thoughts on Hillman’s book, Alchemical Psychology, regarding the nature of the vessel.

1/28/2014 – January Challenge, My Awakening Experience... – Here is my contribution to Barbara Franken‘s January Challenge series.

1/28/2014 – Remembering Pete Seeger – Some thoughts on the passing of folk singer Pete Seeger

1/26/2014 – Class Notes – Session Two – Notes on the second session of the class on Alchemical Psychology.

1/24/2014 – Who Are You Really Wanderer – A beautiful poem by William Stafford

1/19/2014 – The Unveiling – Belief systems and the modern myth of Reality

1/12/2014 – The Names of God – I finally begin to read Henry Corbin, starting with his book, Alone With the Alone.

1/11/2014 – Class Notes – Session One – Notes on the first session of the class on Alchemical Psychology.

1/5/2014 – Alchemical Psychology – the Introduction – In preparation for the class hosted by The Jung Platform, I write about the book’s introduction, not included in the previous series of posts written back in the summer of 2013.


1/8 – Go Ask Alice – Pharmaceuticals, mass murderers, FDA experts and corruption.

1/25 – Your Bright Baby Blues – Depression as an illness, review of Gary Greenburg’s book.

1/28 – Love and Mercy – Depression as an idea, what does it mean?

2/10 – God Only Knows – Letter to Howard Bloom whose latest book asserts we can know there is no God.

2/24 – Chasin’ After the Wind – God is relational and hopefully transformational.

6/23 – Spirits in the Material World – A brief excursion into Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, Hall of Fantasy, followed by some ideas from James Hillman’s Dream and the Underworld.

7/8/ – Reflections – Necessity of self to other and the relationship between ideas and what opposition can mean.

7/9/ – Change the World – The persuasion of ideas, James Hillman’s Archetypal psychology. I wonder, what compels me to share them with you.

7/10 – The Scientist – A discussion of Curtis White’s new book and an interview from Book TV. Is science the new religion, the new authority in the culture deciding what is truth and whose voice gets to be heard? Will materialism as a world view self destruct as it proclaims the world to be Nothing But..

7/11 – I Thought I Was a Child – A discussion of James Hillman’s essay, Abandoning the Child.”

7/13 – There Are Places – A discussion of Identity of self compared to location of self. Arguing that too much subjectivism leads to unnecessary pathologizing.

7/14 – Walkin’ the Dog – A bit about my neighborhood, walking and watching a neighbor transform.

7/15 – Colour My World – First in a series about alchemy, and the stages of transformation and their associations to colors, inspired by James Hillman’s book, Alchemical Psychology.

7 -/18 – Alchemical Psychology, Part II – Blue – The alchemical blue moves us out of the shadows of black into blue where we gain some distance from the mire of disintegration by adding the possibility of reflection.

7/19 – Colour Symbolism: Blue – A wonderful addition to the blue theme from blogger symbolreader Reblogged here for more meditations on blue symbolism.

7/20 – Muir of Ord – A more personal post about my love of drumming including recent videos of playing in a bagpipe band.

7/24 – Alchemical Psychology, Part III – Silver – In the silver stage of alchemy we learn the power and the price of reflection. Silver, vulnerable to the elements, is the means of reflection and can give us fleeting fantastic insights but leave us full of heavy leaden states. Silver is essential for the alchemical marriage, but by itself is not enough to reach the gold.

7/29 – Alchemical Psychology, Part IV – White – White is the vessel, the means to psychological awareness, an essential stage for reaching the gold.

7/30 – All We Are Saying – Peace, war, 8 weeks winters, 9 year olds, and John Hunter’s World Peace Game.

8/1/2013 – The Symbolism of Alchemy – Reblogged post from Muscleheaded’s blog. Wonderful overview and historical background to Alchemy

8/4/2013 – Alchemical Psychology, Part V – Yellow – The more obscure stage of yellow is examined and turns us outward toward the world.

8/5/2013 – Citrinitas and Rubedo – Another reblog, this time from Sara Annon in which she relates the story of Parzival to alchemical stages.

8/7/2013 – Candle in the Wind – Rumi’s poem, There is a Candle in Your Heart, shared in celebration of my dear friends here on WordPress.

8/9/2013 – Aunt Bunny’s Postcards – Looking forward to co-hosting a blog with my husband that will feature her collection of postcards, and other vintage items.

8/11/2013 – Alchemical Psychology, Part VI – Red – The chapter on red is broken into 3 parts. The first part features, Images of the Goal.

8/12/2013 – Think Outside – Meanderings about boxes, bonsai’s, monks, t-shirts and poems – a grand introduction to a great poem by WIlliam Stafford.

8/15/2013 – Day Fifteen/Night Fifteen – Reblogged from InsomniacEva. A curious alchemical puzzle.

8/15/2013 – Where We Are – Another WIlliam Stafford poem.

8/19/2013 – I Can See For Miles –  Hiking on Mt. Hood, rocks with craters, a bit of camping.

8/21/2013 – If I Could Tell You – The loss of a dear friend, and a poem.

8/23/2013 – For a Dancer – In memorium, Regina Brennan-Maresco, January 4, 1959 – August 14, 2013.

8/26/2013 – Alchemical Psychology, Part VII – Air – Alchemy gives way to modern science through chemistry, measuring and counting.

8/28/2013 – The Fab Four – A little something about a Beatles Tribute band.

9/3/2013 – A Hard Day’s Night – Hiking at Cascade Head and a review of the Fab Four concert

9/5/2013 – In a Nutshell – Reflections on Jung’s idea of the Self and other notions of digging deep into the well of being.

9/7/2013 – If You Could Read My Mind – Writing on writing and language, the struggles and joys of doing what we humans do.

9/9/2013 – Alchemical Psychology, Part VIII – Caelum – The last post in the series on James Hillman’s book, Alchemical Psychology talks about the Caelum, the celestial blue that envelopes the world and all things in it.

9/11/2013 – First Grade – William Stafford’s poem and some thoughts about the fear of being.

9/18/2013 – 11 Day Clearing – Anima Mundi – My offering in a series of posts to inspire clearing away what gets in the way of who we are in the world.

9/22/2013 – Dreaming With Animals – Reblogged from FirstGates. Great post on some primary differences between CG Jung and James Hillman.

9/23/2013 – Lament of the Dead – Some thoughts on death and a review of James Hillman and Sonu Shamdasani’s book which is their musings on CG Jung’s Red Book.

9/24/2013 – The Red Book – Library of Congress Symposium – More thoughts on the Red Book with a link to a video of a seminar in which Sonu Shamdasani and James Hillman, among others, discuss Jung’s work.

9/27/2013 – Our Lady of the Well – Some thoughts on language and reality and the strange loop of representation and the eye that can see but can’t see itself.

9/29/2013 – Lived by the Powers – Reblogged from An Elegant Mystery, carrying forward the conversation on language and Jung’s Red Book.

9/30/2013 – Thought of the Heart – A short post about non-profits and a brief introduction to James Hillman’s book, The Thought of the Heart and Soul of the World.

10/7/2013 – The Soul of the World – A continuation of the previous post, how our animal sense and perception belongs to the world and engaging that sense animates the things of the world and invites us to care and be cared for.

10/14/2013 – People Get Ready – Questions about the nature of peace inspired by a documentary about folk singer Peter Seeger.

10/21/2013 – Why Deny the Obvious Child? – Meanderings on self and other, mediate and immediate experiences, authenticity and expertise.

10/27/2013 – Leaving the Temple – Our modern fascination with the Hero archetype in religion, science in recent history.

10/28/2013 – Remembering James Hillman – a brief post in memory of James Hillman’s passing.

11/3/2013 – To Kill a Mockingbird – Halloween, the movie, remembering the dead.

11/10/2013 – Archetypal Psychology – A Brief Account, Part I – A review of James Hillman’s book in which he gives an insightful account of his life’s work and ideas.

11/16/2013 – A Therapy of Ideas – Excerpts from an interview of James Hillman by Joel Lang and a discussion of myths and our relationship to ideas.

11/17/2013 – Some Absorbing Work – Poetry by Rumi

11/18/2013 – Duende – Quotes from Federico Garcia Lorca from a lecture on duende, and storyteller Michael Meade about deunde, the place of darkness created by emptiness, space and wounds that open us up.

11/25/2013 – Archetypal Psychoplogy – a Brief Account, Part II – Part II discusses the universal nature of images and myths and what that means for understanding ourselves, others and the world.

12/1/2013 – Keeping the Change – Some thoughts on self and other, wholeness, mythology and repetition.

12/8/2013 – I Fall to Pieces – David Bohm and his idea about wholeness and fragmentation relative to thought and language.

12/14/2013 – Facebook – Announcing The Ptero Card now on Facebook.

12/15/2013 – I’ve Just Seen a Face…book – Some thoughts on Facebook and social media.

12/20/2013 – The Jung Platform – I discover an online group that offers classes. They are starting a class in January on James Hillman’s book, Alchemical Psychology.

12/22/2013 – Ta’wil and the Ideas of Henry Corbin – A post about finding Tom Cheetham’s book about Corbin’s ideas.

12/23/2013 – Thank You Dear Readers – My Christmas present from WordPress readers? …notification that I reached 1,000 likes. Thank you, indeed!

12/24/2013 – The Holy Birthing – Thoughts on birth, creativity, Henry Corbin, etc. What is trying to be born each day, each moment?


1/8 – I’d Love to Change the World – Part III – Teleology shaped by End of the World fantasies.

5/20 – It All Looks Fine to the Naked Eye – The future, more about apocalyptic fantasies

5/28 – Amelia, It Was Just a False Alarm – Science, religion, cosmology, friend and foe.

6/2 – The Bravery of Being Out of Range – Hillman on the attraction to warfare and how technology is changing us.

7/24 – 49 Reasons – Sadly, my most popular post with good links to the variety of ways in which we try to make sense of the horrific Aurora, CO shootings.

8/27 – She Blinded Me With Science – The silliness of how the idea of randomness is frequently misused.

8/30 – It’s Different For Girls – On the vulnerability of women, there are some things you can’t legislate.

9/17 – Carry On – Honoring mythologer and story teller Michael Meade, with a link to his very moving bio.

10/1 – Don’t Give Up – Honoring Brian Wilson’s ability to survive himself, and a life of tragedies through the drive of creativity.

11/12 – Words – Sticking up for the importance of language and ideas.

12/8 – Sleep a lot… – Affluence, better choices, living in the best of times.

12/15 – 49 Reasons Redux – Newtown mass murders, trying to reason the unreasonable.

12/24 – I’d Gladly Lose Me… – Life of Pi, technology, our modern culture.


1/23 – Blame it on Kindle – Kindle will increase your reading/decrease your time for writing :).

7/11 – Food Glorious Food – Exploring diet, exercise- choosing nutrient dense vegan diet.

9/11 – Doctor, Ain’t There Nothin’ I can Take? – In defense of meatless, dairlyless diets.

10/29 – Born at the Right Time – In memory and gratitude, James Hillman RIP.


07/05- First Things… – Introduction, James Hillman, Michael Meade conference.

07/06- Religion Re-organized – Religion compared to spirituality, a popular but unnecessary dichotomy.

07/10- First There is a Mountain – Curiosity about God, Atheism and Being.

07/12- Amazing Journeys, Part 1 – My spiritual journey through the years.

07/21- Amazing Journeys, Part 2 – Baha’i to Eastern religions.

07/22- Interlude, The Paradox of Choice – Lecture by Barry Schwartz.

07/24 – The Road is Long – Identity, the driving idea of my life.

07/27 – The Trouble With You – Suffering and it’s place in our life.

07/28 – Interlude – William Stafford’s Thinking For Berky.

08/26 – The Darkness Around Us is Deep – I discover C.G. Jung.

09/7 – The Sins of the Father – The problem of evil and disentangling oneself from archetypal powers.

09/20 – Everything is Broken – Bob Dylan, archetypes and falling down the rabbit hole.

09/28 – So the Darkness Shall Be Light – Ananda, meditation and falling apart.

10/3 – Sometimes I Can’t Help Seeing… – James Hillman quotes relevant to the journey.

10/5 – Freedom’s Just Another Word – From Ananda to therapy to critical mass.

10/25 – Jump Start or Tow me Away – Therapy, big dream and what follows.

12/12 – Talkin’ “Bout My Generation – Generational observations focusing on language and homogenization.

11/29 – Less Than Zero – The journey continues, God reconsidered.

12/26 – Merry Christmas – Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present.


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      I had two tabs open on my browser and copied the titles, dates and hyper links to the Index page in edit mode. WordPress does auto-generate a list of your links when creating a hyperlink so that is useful.
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