Cyber Travels


brewers baseball and things –  Excellent baseball blog with a soulful touch.

Contentedness – Hariod Brawn’s writings: “the ethos & thinking of Hariod Brawn…Life stories, new ideas, opinions.”

conversationswithdonmachingaandotherbeings – Dr. CosmicBii’s blog about his experience living and working with the Shipibo-Konibo people in the Amazon.

An Elegant Mystery – Images and ideas.

Embracing Forever – “Expressions of an Authentic Self, inspired by A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, by Michael Mark”

Gray Crawford Astrology – Excellent indepth articles about astrology.

Richard Grossinger – Publisher of North Atlantic Books & Author

High Grade Discourse – “believe nothing, simply entertain ideas…”

David Kanigan – Live and learn with David Kanigan’s blend of beauty, art and short prose.

Ibn ‘Arabi Society – Lots of articles, poetry and links to the works of the Sufi mystic.

The Jung Platform – Online classes featuring in depth study of Jung and Jungians.

Bernardo Kastrup – Cutting edge writing about consciousness studies.


Litebeing Chronicles Astrology, Numerology, this blog features, “The adventures of a part-time mystic.”

Margaret Mikkelborg – Margaret writes about a variety of topics, including C.G. Jung, James Hillman, alchemy and other related esoterica.

The New School at Commonweal – Lots of podcasts on a variety of stuff including Sufism, Archetypal Psychology, Art, Spirituality.

The Night Shirt – Eric Wargo’s blog: “…workbench for thinking about mysteries, mysticism, mind, and the human future.”

Outlaw Psych – Explorations of the Psyche by Evan Hanks.

Plane Talk – Don DeGracia’s collection of original writings on consciousness studies, or, as he says, About this and the other worlds.

Paul’s Bench – Ruminations on philosophy, psychology, life.

Skeptiko – Podcasts hosted by Alex Tsakiris featuring in depth discussions on consciousness research, NDE’s and parapsychology.

Soul Spelunker – Mark’s wonderful blog about all things sacred and esoteric.

Spring Publications – Bringing to print the finest authors in the field of Archetypal and Depth psyhology, including James Hillman’s uniform editions.

Symbol Reader – Monika’s wonderful blog featuring her love of symbols, art, poetry, astrology and depths.

Teilhard de Chardin – Blog of “William,” features the writings of Teillhard de Chardin and other Catholic writers.

Tom Cheetham – Tom writes and lectures about Henry Corbin and archetypal psychology.

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