Once upon a time, some men believed that the sun revolved around them. Then one day, here and there, some very brave men decided they wanted to know how true we could be. Why would the sun, so precious to life, participating in the very gift of our life, revolve around us? Our big Lion King, regal and alive with powerful star energy is a force to be reckoned with. Who can even see his face?

Imagine the adjustment to be made, when one by one, people everywhere reimagine their place in the world knowing it is they, not the sun, who are doing all the revolving. Who then, is beholden to whom?

Take heart though, for there is still the beautiful face of the moon which is so attracted to us that she faithfully revolves around us every 29.530589 days. She’s just a little off, like we are, revolving as we do around the sun every 365.256363004 days. But in an incomprehensible act of faith she keeps her face turned to us. Is there anyone you have ever known so faithful and true as that? It’s true that the sun, along with our own joy of spinning, do, from time to time, hide the lovely Lady moon’s beauty from us. It’s just as well because we have to get some work of living done now don’t we?

Although many of us have yet to digest the implications, it’s clear to some of us that things are just as they need be, for this particular story to take place. What story? The one we’re in of course.

We’re aligned with opportunity. We spin around an amazingly powerful sun, basking in his rays, fed by his birthing of all sorts of growing things. And the lady of our dreams stays with us, faithfully showing, with just the right amount of solar light reflected back to us, a Holy presence in her, and so, in each one of us. Her faithfulness to the beautiful marbled ball we call Earth, could be our faithfulness. But, just like a woman, she let’s us see exactly what we want to see, passing no judgment. For without her lovely mirror, how else could we ever receive any truth?

19 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Thanks, Brigido. I love the Dante quote. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the sun/moon relationship lately. The sun, seemingly the extremity of giving, while the moon serves as the other, the receiver of light. Such a powerful dynamic of reciprocity. And both, out there, in the void space/time. What would light be without that which absorbs and reflects its light? There’s something beautiful about that image in relationship to organic life as we know it.
    Thanks for your note.

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    1. theburningheart

      I don’t remember, but very likely I had mention to you in the past the Hadith Qudsi, very well known in Sufism:

      “I was a hidden treasure, and I wished to be known, so I created a creation, (and mankind) then made Myself known to them, and they recognized Me.”

      I know, it may sound Theological, or man made, but what other rational explanation we can have on a Universe that works with so much precision, and Wisdom? Just chance, and with no purpose?

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  2. theburningheart

    Like your lyric tone to the post, that dance like the famous last lines words of Dante’s Divine Comedy:

    “Here vigour failed the lofty fantasy:
    But now was turning my desire and will,
    Even as a wheel that equally is moved,
    The Love which moves the sun and the other stars”

    Nice post Debra.😊

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  3. Excellent post Debra.. Yes once upon a time we thought we would sail over the edge of the ocean.. We are indeed exactly just where we need to be as we bask in the rays of the Life giving Sun.. 🙂 Have a Sunny week.. 🙂
    ❤ Sue


    1. Thank you Eric! Although intellectually I understand the concepts of left and right brain, I’ve never felt comfortable seeing the distinctions. But, I am happy to know that the post brought calm to you. To envision complementary relationship, even between seemingly disparate ideas, seems to drive my thinking and awareness of everything. It may seem a paradox, but I think there is correspondence between all forms of life and every idea. Writing is very much a form of meditation for me as I am sure it is for others, and often brings to the surface a facet of an idea that’s been lurking around.


      1. Thanks Hariod,

        Having read a bit of neuro-science myself, I am aware of the complexity that underlie these notions. I think though that people find them meaningful in some way on a level that is not so literal. I cannot though, speak to Eric’s use and understanding of the terms.

        Perhaps the irony of the terms themselves, is that they could only be delineated by a “left-brain” dominant thinker 🙂


      2. Quite so Debra, and as with many of the schemata of psychology, they may carry a useful function whilst not purporting to be any facsimile of an actuality. If Eric is still listening I daresay he will chime in and agree that this was his intended meaning.

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    1. Thank you Hariod!
      Sorry for the late replies. I have been crazy busy at work preparing for a huge benefit dinner. I am happy to be on the other side of the even now.
      I am grateful for your kindness.


    1. Thank you Michael! This one cam e to me, ironically on a Sunday morning in which I was preparing to go to work at a huge benefit dinner hosted by the Abbey that I work for. I wrote it and quickly hurried on to get ready for a long day. All I can say is that I have been having a lot of dreams rich in visual imagery of the night sky in which there is still a lingering daylight to see both day and night coincide. I guess that image is itself a form of unity, yes? 🙂

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