Feyerabend and the Transition to the Dream State

Don DeGracia blogs at Plane Talk, a fantastic blog featuring his works, studies and experiences in consciousness studies, metaphysics, Raja Yoga, the philosophy of science, lucid dreaming, OBE and much more. He is well-versed in everything from astrology to history. He generously shares his talents and experience giving free access to his e-books. He has even more stuff at his other website http://www.dondeg.com/.

He is an Associate Professor at Wayne State University and has also appeared on Alex Tsakiris’ online talk show Skeptiko: http://www.skeptiko.com/256-don-degracia-what-is-science/




I return to the roots of PlaneTalk and talk about altered states of consciousness.  I was surprised to discover that Paul Feyerabend knew how to get to the astral plane!

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5 thoughts on “Feyerabend and the Transition to the Dream State

  1. Thanks for sharing this one, Debra. I really enjoyed the discussion of Homeric vs Classical Greeks, and their various cultural positions. It reinforces and helps me understand some of your own writing on such distinctions. Hope this day finds you well!

    Much Love

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    1. Dear Michael,

      You’re welcome! Agreed. The distinction between the Homeric and Classical Greeks is essential in appreciating Jung and Hillman’s ideas of “archetypes,” giving our Western roots an esoteric foundation often overlooked. Thank you for the note! I am well and hope that you are too.

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  2. This reminded me of Julian Jaynes’s book, The Origin of Consciousness
    in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. The idea of having a mind dominated not by a sense of self but by gods was similar. Thanks for sharing it.

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