somewhere down river

Baseball? Yes. I’m not sure how I discovered Steve’s blog, but yes, I do like baseball, even if I don’t have the time to obsess over it the way I used to. Steve is an excellent writer and his blog features a lot of interesting topics related to baseball and nostalgia. When I read his posts, I feel like I am transported, not only back in time, but with the eye and heart of a seasoned life-long ticket buyer to all things American.

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I don’t remember when a Greyhound Bus became a philosophy in itself, but it did and soon after, spawned into anthropology, oral history, fashion, a crossroads of American economics, drug smuggling, people smuggling, flashes of evergreens, neon blue toilet swirls, a dream, a mythology swooping passengers beyond time into some sort of shared consciousness.

Or maybe it’s just a filthy, bumpy bus ride from point A to point B and I needed to see it differently. I rode the Greyhound all over the United States and never once meditated to the sound of the motor. I enjoyed the circus instead and when trips ended,I felt an amputation so strong that I packed a peanut butter lunch and enjoyed a brown bag scene at the bus station wherever I happened to be.

I boarded a greyhound and wondered how my life might be altered by whoever sits next to me. It…

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5 thoughts on “somewhere down river

  1. I read Steve’s blog every day, notwithstanding I hardly understand the first thing about baseball (I try to teach him Cricket, and he has a much better grasp of it than I do of the Diamond). I read it for the way he writes. The nearest equivalent writer I can think of is Kerouac, but of course there’s blue water between them.


    1. That’s interesting to hear – that you do read his posts without much interest in baseball.

      Yes, a bit of Kerouac and a deep understanding of all things human.

      Thanks for your note!


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