Candle in the Wind

A wonderful day meeting new friends and sharing the “separation from the Beloved,” which invites this brief excursion into the heart of Rumi:

There is a candle in your heart…

There is a candle in your heart,
 ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?
You feel the separation
from the Beloved.
Invite Him to fill you up
embrace the fire.
Remind those who tell you otherwise that
Love comes to you of its own accord,
and the yearning for it
cannot be learned in any school.

– See more at:

Thank you Elton and Bernie for a great tune:

“Loneliness was tough
The toughest role you ever played”

8 thoughts on “Candle in the Wind

  1. Rex

    So you have been Ruminating! 😀

    Most divine lines! Can’t get enough of him however much you read. Thanks for the post Debra and keep posting such soulful poems often if you like to.


      1. Rex

        RumiNation! Love it!

        I am subscribed to your blog but have not been getting any notifications of new post. Because this did not make sense, I had to come down to have a look – and this is what I found. Btw, I wake very early in the morning and just this morning, I saw this post the first thing. The lines of Rumi sent me into such a meditative state and the morning was spent beautifully. I am thankful to you for this. (I am thanking myself for havign come down too :P)


      2. Oh wow Rex. I’m so glad I posted Rumi’s poem and that it was perfect timing.
        I have several people that I follow and yet seem to miss their posts too. Must be a WordPress glitch, couldn’t be us, right? 🙂
        Thanks so much for visiting and for leaving a note. Sometimes I hesitate to post poems, especially when they’re not mine, and although I don’t write poetry, but have tried, I love to read poems. So, thanks for the words of encouragement about posting them. It’s great to know that people like to read them as I do!


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