Lived by the Powers

From AN ELEGANT MYSTERY, a furthering of the conversation on being Lived by the Powers and the discussion of the source and essence of images, ideas and an interesting thought about music and lyrical sounds.

An Elegant Mystery

Debra’s recent post ‘Our Lady of the Well‘ over at The Ptero Card dove deep into the rabbit hole by asking how can we trust language to communicate especially if we are dealing with matters of the unconscious, as Jung did in documenting his journey into that hidden realm in The Red Book. It is a critical question for her as she tries to navigate through Jung’s book. It is a question that touches me deeply as well as one who participates in creating images, sometimes watching them evolve without knowing where or what they have emerged from or how they are going to end up when they are finished. I have my own interpretation of what these images mean, if anything, but I am always fascinated by how others react to them, positive or negative.

Writing, for me, can be a bit of a challenge as I…

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Blame it on Kindle

Wow, January is three-quarters over and I have not posted since Christmas! I'll blame it on receiving a new Kindle for Christmas. I have read six or seven books since December 20 - so much for cutting down on my book bill! The best part of Kindle is being able to buy books that the …

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Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

"Picasso said, "I don't develop; I am." And the puzzle in therapy is not how did I get this way, but what does my angel want with me?" James Hillman Although continuing to meditate, I stopped attending Ananda after a brief conversation with one of their ministers. I asked him how he would know when …

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Sometimes I can’t help seeing all the way through

At the risk of jumping straight to the conclusion before beginning to talk about the next stop in the journey, I would like to offer here some insights from James Hillman that were key in breaking the spell of my disembodied self and continue to inspire reflection and renew my place in the world.The following …

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Everything is Broken

There's a great article in Pajamas Media about Mr. Zimmerman. The link is here: How Bob Dylan checked out of the culture war. I started listening to Dylan around the same time that I was reading Jung. Dylan's lyrics are interesting in many ways, but surprisingly in light of Jungian thought. Bob's earlier stuff …

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