Carry On

I was going through some old posts of mine and found this one about the story teller Michael Meade. Michael is someone whose life has been courageous, and yet, it is easy to see that his past, with the deep wounds he suffered, were very much a catalyst that find him in the place he is in now, mentoring at-risk youth, and Vets who suffer from evey kind of battle wound. I love his writing and his dedication to help others find their way in the very dark places and times of the world.


“A certain kind of courage is required to follow what truly calls to us; why else would so many choose to live within false certainties and pretensions of security? If genuine treasures were easy to find this world would be a different place. If the path of dreams was easy to walk or predictable to follow many more would go that route. The truth is that most prefer the safer paths in life even if they know that their souls are called another way.

In this life a pious journey is required. It is pious in the sense that a genuine path brings out our devotion, but also because it cleanses and clarifies our sense of self. The result may be pious, yet the process may look and feel like a stripping down to bare bone. From the common comforts, we must go to the edge of life; from simple…

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6 thoughts on “Carry On

  1. Hi Debra,

    I much enjoyed this one, and it seems to be eminently applicable to the goings-on in the little patch of All of It that I occupy. Thankfully, our callings are diligent and unperturbed by whatever it is we think we’re doing instead, and won’t leave us alone.



    1. Hi Michael,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed Michael Meade. People whose struggles have been so much greater than mine, and yet, find a way to not only survive but turn suffering into an ability to offer their gifts to others, amaze me!

      I’m so glad that you left a note, here and at my other post. I hope to have time to reply, but am preparing for a business trip and may not get to it before I leave.

      I am carrying your thoughts around with me and look forward to having time to reply.

      Thanks for always being so engaging here!



  2. Hi Debra,

    Recently I’ve been encouraging some storytellers whom I know in the world to “look into” WP – for themselves – not just as a platform, but as a place to ‘mix up’ their ideas with others and really sort them out, I suppose. I was inspired to recommend it to them, and we shall see. I feel like they’d find a welcoming community. But that is just my opinion. People grow with ideas, as forms coagulate and emerge from the soup of thought. Ewww… I’m leaving that!

    That said, I enjoyed this post. I enjoyed how Michael said he wrote his books on fate and destiny; and then he says immediately afterwards, “I not sure what to read from.” I’m appreciating what he termed as, “the limits of fate and hints of destiny.” He also went on to make an example of a microphone falling to distinguish fate from accident.

    Here’s to being “seen” standing with your genius while running divine errands in eternity. While there was much more to glean from Michael, I was happy with what showed up for me.

    Thank you,


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    1. Dear Ka,

      I agree, WP is a great forum for exchanging ideas, stories and especially for expanding on the ideas we have gleaned so far.

      Michael is a gem, I’m so glad you enjoyed his presentation. He has a natural affinity, so it seems to me, for sensing and living through an immense wealth of shared reality through his love of stories told from a wide berth of human experience.


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