Walkin’ the Dog

My husband and I live in a neighborhood where many of our neighbors are avid walkers, very old school, I know. Having lived here some ten years now, there are some familiar faces and even neighbors we have come to know, at least on a first-name basis.

There is a man, who I have never spoken to (although it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that my husband has!), who can be seen walking by our house nearly everyday. Even in the worse weather, he’s out there which is more than I can say for myself. My husband and I are both avid walkers and our decision to buy this old house was based primarily on its proximity to downtown which features a lovely riverfront park and a local brew pub where you can relax and enjoy a pint.

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you was a recent insight that this man provided me just by his continual presence out my window. When I first noticed him, his gait was slow and he was a huge man that didn’t look very well. He sweated even in the cold!

The other day, as I was out walking the neighborhood, I passed him by. Seeing him up close for the first time in awhile I couldn’t help but notice that he looked quite different. He must have lost a bunch of weight. His face has changed, not only thinned out, but looking less stressed.

I thought to myself, good for him.


Walking for me has always been a source of inspiration for writing as well as carthatic when feeling blue. My husband and I have had some really great conversations when we walk. What it is about walking that enlivens us can and probably has been defined. But for me, the feel-good quality of walking and the immediate sense of being in the world our both true blessings.

Thank you neighbor!

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