Happy Fourth, on the Fifth!

Yesterday, July 5, marks the fourth anniversary of the Ptero Card. If there is anything to celebrate, it is the continual building of friendships and the gift of affirmation received, as well as the challenge of keeping the writing fresh, clear and responsive to the readers and to myself. I am grateful for so much inspiration and conversation with all of you!

Anyone can keep a diary, and though they serve another purpose, a public blog has the added burden of writing for others, continually calling into question, who am I speaking to? That question continues to serve as a reminder to me of how much is received through the slow, steady process of getting to know some of my readers, and how important it has become for me, when writing, to consider all I have learned from engaging here with you. I am grateful.

Happy Fourth!On the Fifth!

The writing is rewarding in and of itself, yes, but, what I value most are the ongoing conversations in the comments where further explorations and clarification continually move the material, broadening a sense of who I am, and who you are, through the variety of perspectives each of you share with me, and with each other. Thank you dear ones!


Thank you Dear Readers

To all of my readers a big thank you for a wonderful year of blogging and definitely the best year for me yet here on WP. The friendship, support and inspiration I receive from so many of you through this blogging adventure is more than I ever dreamed possible.

Perhaps it is fitting that I have received notice today from WordPress that from your visits and participation,The Ptero Card has gathered a grand total of 1,000 Likes!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Solstice Blessings, and most of all, thank you for the many gifts I have received from all of you!

Christmas pc