“Myth is the dream of the people – the dream is the myth of the individual” Herbert Silberer Whether my attraction to liminal states comes from a lifelong interest in dream states, or attention to dreams leads to an interest in liminal, non-ordinary states, or a mix of both, is unclear. Perhaps it’s the persuasive … Continue reading


“A man’s character is his fate.” Heraclitus (540 BC – 480 BC), On the Universe “If the final purpose of aging is character, then character finishes life, polishes it into a more lasting image.” James Hillman If I have felt compelled towards living life closer to the margins, seeking out what is obscure, liminal, or for … Continue reading

Crystal Blue Persuasion

In the latter part of my recent post, Primordial Necessity, I offered some reflections on Ananke and the idea of Necessity as a compelling force, which are based on James Hillman’s Eranos Conference speech titled, Athene, Ananke, and the Necessity of Abnormal Psychology. Here, I would like to continue on with Hillman’s insights into the significant role the goddess Athena plays … Continue reading

Carry On

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“A certain kind of courage is required to follow what truly calls to us; why else would so many choose to live within false certainties and pretensions of security? If genuine treasures were easy to find this world would be a different place. If the path of dreams was…

Primordial Necessity

My impatient fate Approaches me, Stepping zealously On the air. It approaches me quietly, Without noise, It comes from The remote area. And I feel That in no time, It’ll open With its burning fingers The sacred, the whitest Door of mine. Tsira Gogeshvili “Original Sin is accounted for by the sin in the Originals. Humans … Continue reading

In the Beginning…

…was the Word One of the insights gathered from studying and attending to the nature of language is to see how close to the body and physical senses everyday language and speech is. The word language itself is derived from the latin “lingua,” or tongue. When speaking of our native tongue, we might say that we have two … Continue reading

…and in the end

“The love you take is equal to the love you make.” Lennon/McCartney These thoughts, or contemplations, touch upon my belief about beliefs, and the nature of belief, and aim at peering into what, rather than how, or why, we have and hold them near and dear to our hearts, as endings or sometimes, necessary visits along the way. … Continue reading

Stranger Than Fiction

“It has been a long time since most of us have experienced the world. We experience instead a constriction, a selection. We step cautiously out, checking our selves at first, against What Is Allowed, What Is Known To Be True. We constantly throw a world out ahead of ourselves and move safely into it.” Tom … Continue reading

The Next Chapter

To practice the living of one’s life as “storied,” it may first be necessary to experience the idea as a meaningful one. The beauty of stories, their telling and living is an art coming from more than the deciphering of meanings, moral lessons, endings, or truth – as influential as those things may be. As … Continue reading

The Story So Far

Case history: our public, outer life, a collection of facts, figures, biography and stats. Soul history: the private interiority of identity, memory, feeling, reflections, dreams and beliefs. In his book, Healing Fiction, James Hillman says: “We can regard history from the viewpoint of soul. By carefully collating what happened, history digests events, moving them from … Continue reading

Class Notes – Session Ten

The final class of the 2014 Winter semester of the Jung Platform’s course, hosted by Patricia Berry and Robert Bosnak, takes us into the third chapter of James Hillman’s book Alchemical Psychology, titled, The Suffering of Salt, and begins with the topic, “Toward a Substantial Psychology.” Salt, although understood by Hillman as metaphorical, to the alchemists … Continue reading


“any measurement of a property of a particle can be seen as acting on that particle (e.g. by collapsing a number of superimposed states); and in the case of entangled particles, such action must be on the entangled system as a whole. It thus appears that one particle of an entangled pair “knows” what measurement has been … Continue reading

Happy Fourth, on the Fifth!

Yesterday, July 5, marks the fourth anniversary of the Ptero Card. If there is anything to celebrate, it is the continual building of friendships and the gift of affirmation received, as well as the challenge of keeping the writing fresh, clear and responsive to the readers and to myself. I am grateful for so much … Continue reading

Class Notes – Session 9

Class nine of the Jung Platform’s course on James Hillman’s book Alchemical Psychology, presented by Robert Bosnak and Patricia Berry, technically ends this first season of classes, which took us through the first chapter, Rudiments. Class Ten, notes to follow soon, begins the next chapter, The Suffering of Salt. Robbie likens the work of alchemy … Continue reading

Let There Be Dark

As more and more of us, in an increasingly sleep-deprived world lose touch with our dreams, I continue to wonder what it is we are losing. Dr. Rubin Naiman sees our difficulties with sleep and dreaming, driven by “unrelenting motion”: “We live in a world of unrelenting motion, a world that discourages slowing and stopping, a world that has lost … Continue reading

Gem Moon Magic: Explorations of the Gemini Moon

  “Gem Moon Mandala” by AmandaSeesDreams of http://www.Dreamrly.com Welcome to the collaborative lunations of Gemini moon pals, Litebeing, Dreamrly, and yours truly, The Ptero Card. Yesterday marks the Gemini / Sagittarius full moon of 2014, and through our mutual love of art and writing we’re combining our efforts for a few reflections on our experience of lunar Gemini in our natal astrological charts. Each of our contributions was … Continue reading


Souls can be, among other things, lost, saved, non-existent, or hearty, but do we make soul? If so, what does that mean? What then, is soul? Perhaps as it should be, I have puzzled for years at James Hillman’s use of the term “soul-making.” Now days, ideas about soul are sometimes dismissed as archaic. So if we are to understand a … Continue reading

Class Notes – Session Eight

Session Eight of the Jung Platform’s online class on James Hillman’s book, “Alchemical Psychology,” moves the work from forge to stove, in which the use of glass vessels for heating the material make alchemy both possible and psychological. “Glass also separates observer from observed. It is the material of distancing, separating events from life by … Continue reading

Dionysus Son of Zeus

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The following is an excerpt from my dissertation on Dionysus, trauma, and initiation. It is out of the section exploring Zeus as the male womb. I put it here for my peeps interested in archetypal psychology. Dionysus Son of Zeus Persona, Flexibility, and God of the Mask Dionysus is…

Class Notes – Session Seven

In the seventh session of the Jung Platform’s class on James Hillman’s book, Alchemical Psychology, the discussion moves to the nature of the material, the vessel used for containment and the necessity of the “separatio,” of essence from the material. In psychological work this distinction is at the heart of the work, whether in a … Continue reading

My Native Language is Image

Recently, I have begun to keep a dream journal, again. As in the keeping of past dream journals, the very act of writing seems to stimulate the remembrance of more dreams, and I wonder if by attending to them, the door to the nightworld perspective widens, bringing with it richness and complexity, scrambling the sensibilities of the dayworld experience. In … Continue reading

Class Notes – Session Six*

In Class Six of the Jung Platform’s online series, Alchemical Psychology, presenters Robbie (Robert Bosnak) and Pat (Patricia Berry) begin with a discussion on deriving meaning from matter, or the materials. This is a continuation of the discussion on fueling the fire in alchemy which needs heat to purify and transform the metals, or materials. Knowing … Continue reading

Oh Noah, where art thou?

” “It’s in Genesis,” he told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview that aired Tuesday. “Noah is saving the animals; he’s not out there saving innocent babies, he’s saving the animals, he’s saving creation.”  “It was very clear to us that there was an environmental message. To pull that message out of it, we think, would … Continue reading

Break on Through

“I found an island in your arms  Country in your eyes  Arms that chain  Eyes that lie  Break on through to the other side” Jim Morrison Oftentimes it is said that ideas are less important and that action is better; what counts then is what is done or made manifest. The favored status of action, an idea … Continue reading

somewhere down river

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I don’t remember when a Greyhound Bus became a philosophy in itself, but it did and soon after, spawned into anthropology, oral history, fashion, a crossroads of American economics, drug smuggling, people smuggling, flashes of evergreens, neon blue toilet swirls, a dream, a mythology swooping passengers beyond time…