Happy Fourth, on the Fifth!

Yesterday, July 5, marks the fourth anniversary of the Ptero Card. If there is anything to celebrate, it is the continual building of friendships and the gift of affirmation received, as well as the challenge of keeping the writing fresh, clear and responsive to the readers and to myself. I am grateful for so much inspiration and conversation with all of you!

Anyone can keep a diary, and though they serve another purpose, a public blog has the added burden of writing for others, continually calling into question, who am I speaking to? That question continues to serve as a reminder to me of how much is received through the slow, steady process of getting to know some of my readers, and how important it has become for me, when writing, to consider all I have learned from engaging here with you. I am grateful.

Happy Fourth!On the Fifth!

The writing is rewarding in and of itself, yes, but, what I value most are the ongoing conversations in the comments where further explorations and clarification continually move the material, broadening a sense of who I am, and who you are, through the variety of perspectives each of you share with me, and with each other. Thank you dear ones!


32 thoughts on “Happy Fourth, on the Fifth!

  1. Happy days. I am not sure how the connect the dots always fall into place, but I have so enjoyed the time you have been in the gyro that swirls around me as well. I am a richer human being by knowing you. There are 4 candles burning on a cookie to be eaten in your honor at tea time today. CONGRATS D!



    1. Dear M,
      Likewise! What a pleasure it is discovering a bit more of myself in seeingm!

      I would bet the cookie is chocolate? Either way, one day I hope to be having a tea with you.
      Much love,


  2. Hi Debra,
    You know you are an angel to me, and your blog has delivered more synchronicities than I could ever possibly count. Your writing is sharp – challenging and refreshing – but what struck me most about you was discovering that your character contained such incredible intellect AND such warmth, kindness and enthusiasm for others – a rare combination in my experience. You have deeply touched my journey and for that I will be forever grateful.

    With warm love and respect,


    1. Dear Amanda,
      I like to imagine that our angels are friends and arranged for us to find each other here.

      Your words of support and encouragement very much inspire me to do something I love very much.
      I cannot thank you enough for your friendship here and sharing so much of yourself, here and in your own writing and beautiful art.


  3. Oh Happy day to you Debra–happy happy anniversary—and if I didn’t know better, I would think our cats litter mates—or actually a cross between my two—!!
    Keep on sharing Debra–as it certainly makes my life much richer—hugs to you–Julie


  4. Happy Blogiversary Deb! Wow four years is a long time. While I do not always easily understand all of the subject matter you explore, I am always challenged and eager to learn more and grow!

    I also relish the comments and dialogue from my readers. It is a gift that keeps on giving. I value our friendship and hope it will continue to flourish and grow.



    1. Dear Linda,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I very much appreciate your friendship and the wonderful gift you have for helping me to think more astrologically.
      Here’s to Gemini moons!


  5. Don

    Your blog is for me a place of inspiration and nurture. What I enjoy most is the constant challenge that radiates from every post. I cannot help but be stretched by the profound insight that flows from your writing, Debra. So, thank you, and I look forward to the more which is to come. 🙂


  6. I celebrate with you the lovely sentiments you offer! Your writing here is a wonderful spring board for thought and dialogue, and I’ve greatly enjoyed the enhanced understanding of my own thought niches as well as the mutual affirmations that spur growth in new directions that such dialogue engenders.



  7. Debra,
    Your writings are one of those I look to to see the ideas of integration and connection to all being expressed in an interesting, stimulating way.
    I am grateful to know about James Hillman, because if I hadnt I wouldnt know you.
    Thanks, Happy 4th on 5th and thanks to Mr. Hillman!


    1. Hi Jim,
      I will never forget the time I was scrolling through the reader searching under Hillman and your post showed up.
      You continue to inspire me with courage to be vulnerable in your writing.
      Here’s to a love Hillman and friendship.


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