Colour Symbolism: Blue

A lovely addition to the Blue theme from Symbol Reader. Enjoy!



the modern Nut, via

If it is true, as Flaubert says, that one does not choose their subject matter but rather submits to it, then I must write about the colour blue today. You have heard of the Grand Water Trine currently in operation on our beautiful Blue Planet. At the moment, I am dreaming of nothing else but submerging myself in a crystal clear, blue lagoon and never leaving. Alternatively, I could spend hours now gazing at some azure Alpine lake or just sitting on the shores of Lake Lucerne and dreaming.


Lake Lucerne

Then there are other meaningful coincidences. While shopping for clothes I need to decide – the red or the dark blue blouse? Very uncharacteristically for myself, I went for the latter. Before the days of gender equality, boys’ rooms were painted blue, girls’ pink – I thought to myself but did not see my…

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