The Kids Are Alright

What a refreshing article by Vinnie Rotondaro on the libertarian shift in younger voters. Reading this certainly gives me hope.

The political adjustment needed to keep us from going off the cliff may not happen overnight, and there’s still the chance that dire economic circumstances or another war forces some unimaginable cultural rearrangement upon us, but I still hold out some hope that we’ll find another way back to some semblance of sanity.

“Voters ranging in age from 18 to 29, the poll found, were neither here nor there on a traditional left/right political spectrum, and many displayed lukewarm feelings towards liberalism. Few, for instance, put faith in the government’s ability to stimulate the economy through spending (what’s known as Keynesian economics), less than half thought the government should provide free health care to those who can’t afford it, and a remarkably small number—just 28 percent—thought the government should prioritize environmental concerns like global warming over economic concerns. At the same time, these voters backed away from social and neo-conservative ideals: They weren’t anti-gay, they didn’t like religion in their politics, and they tended to pooh-pooh preemptive war.”

Yes, Obama is not much different than Bush, especially in his foreign policy. I too share this young man’s worry over a bigger, crazier war coming soon in the Middle East. We have lost all sight of our limits. And few of us seem to see that our leaders do not have our best interest in mind, but a combined arrogance of “we know better,” and therefore, “we must retain our political power.”

““I went off the handle,” says Danny, “because I realized that we weren’t gonna pull out of Iraq; we weren’t gonna pull out of Afghanistan. I was so intrigued with Obama. I had champagne ready on election night. I thought America was back. But Obama, he didn’t close Guantanamo Bay. He says we pulled out of Iraq, but if you look into it you’ll see we traded reserve soldiers for contractors. Guns for hire. And now they’re ramping up rhetoric against Iran!”

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