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Congratulations to all those who believe they will be better off with more government meddling in their lives through the Affordable Healthcare Act. I hope the reforms make us healthy, but I have my doubts.

Who doesn’t want good health and do we get good health from healthcare?

Why does the wealthiest country on the planet have the most insanely complicated third party method of obtaining healthcare which may or may not even lead to good health? How did we get to this point?

The healthcare bill will certainly continue the trend of bloating our federal and state government, but will not restrain rising health care costs, it will not make us healthier and it’s a waste of our personal wealth and collective resources. Which would you rather have – more healthcare or better health?

Like a lot of industry in America over the last 50 years, healthcare has ballooned into a trillion dollar business and there are reasons for that cancerous growth. Insurance, regulations, subsidies, liability and licensing all contribute to the rising costs of care. Now that costs are so out of control that most Americans can’t afford to pay for a simple office visit, we think that the government taking more of our money to pay for it is the solution and will bring costs down? If you believe this, ask yourself to name one instance where insurance and or government intervention made anything cheaper.

What would a better solution look like? How about dismantling some of the subsidies and regulations that are contributing to the increase in both chronic disease and medical costs? I cannot understand why people are so convinced that as broke as our healthcare system is now, that even more government interference will make it better.

Here Vijay Boyapati makes a strong case for less government = better more affordable care.

“Not only are consumers less likely to discriminate on cost, but providers of healthcare services have greater incentive to provide medical treatments that are only marginally more effective at much higher cost. This is the opposite of how the price mechanism works in a free market, where consumers (who are paying out of their own pocket) search for the cheapest prices and providers work hard to provide services that are equally efficacious but less costly.” Vijay Boyapati

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