This Land is Your Land, right?

All those invested in either side of partisan politics should take note that the Elites in D.C. are more than happy to accommodate your love of a political enemy. Without your help in keeping the game going our leaders grip on all things governable, including the economy, property laws, healthcare, education and housing, would soon go from a strangle hold to that of a stroke victim.

From Kevin Gutzman’s 2007 article on Executive Privilege at, we are reminded of how little has changed moving from a Democratic Administration to a Republican one. It makes little sense to complain about the abuses of the Obama Administration while ignoring the same egregious behaviors from the Bush era, or vicey-versy.

But truly our leaders are quite comfortable with the current state of American politics and the petty wars between the left and the right. So keep on believing America, This Land is Your Land, right?

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