Interlude – How Ron Paul Changes Everything

Whether or not he wins the nomination or the Presidency, Ron Paul’s growing popularity in the 2012 campaign will forever change the face of not only the Republican party, but of the political conversation in America. The momentum around his campaign is easy to understand in light of the same old slick campaign sloganeering we’re getting from the other Republican candidates and the necessity many Americans sense for the next guy we elect to rein in the cronyism and stop the reckless spending.

With 95% of the media, including a majority of popular conservative pundits (Ann Coulter, most of Fox News and conservative talk radio) showering Mitt Romney with praise and air time, crowning him King of Elect-ability, it becomes increasingly clear that Ron Paul is scaring the pants off of those who currently claim to speak for the conservative consensus in America. What’s really hilarious is watching just how many of us, conservative, independent or otherwise, who are not granted the privilege of the speaking rights that the media frequently abuses, still dislike Romney and have scurried first after Michelle Bachmann, then in order of appearance on the political stage, Herman Cain, Rick Perry,  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Never before has the political game seemed so transparent.

What the media heads hope is that conservatives will come around, as one by one, the not-Romney’s drop out of the race or are deemed unelectable by “those in the know.” But along the way, some of us, either by word of mouth or out of utter disgust for the Romney drone heard daily in the media, are finding their way to the Ron Paul camp. Especially among younger and independent voters.

Now, for the big bad scariest Ron Paul issue of them all, is he really an isolationist? If folks who up to now, believe that Ron Paul would be willing to put America in harm’s way as Iran, or any country initiates serious military aggression, begin to find out for themselves what Ron Paul really says about Iran, the military and other presidential policies, he will then, I believe become a force to be reckoned with.

Thankfully, there are a few voices in the media willing to speak out to dispel the Ron Paul myths. My plea to anyone who thinks they know what Ron Paul’s Presidential policies would be and has not already been here, read for yourself what the man says.

Regardless of who gets the nomination, the horse is out of the gate, and Ron Paul’s message will not go gently back into the bottle. 

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